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2 oz. Loesch Extra-Strength Scalp Activator

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Amplify Your Results Without Hormones
If you’re over 30 and noticing a gradual thinning of your hair, you’re probably seeing the beginnings of age-related hair loss due to reduced blood flow through the scalp.  It happens.  We can’t be young forever.  As we age, the typical person looses up to 4% of the blood flow through the scalp.  This causes the hair growth cycle to become shorter over time leading to thinning.

Now you can reverse that effect with a topical, hormone-free product that visibly increases blood flow.  By boosting oxygenation, nutrient delivery, and cellular waste removal, Loesch® Extra-Strength Scalp Activator brings back your youthful appearance.

This product causes markedly increased blood flow to the scalp delivering oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the follicles resulting in accelerated hair growth. May turn the scalp pink for 20-40 minutes, but lasts 12 hours to encourage dormant follicles to become active again. Use twice each day for maximum benefit.  Your scalp may not turn pink but if you put a drop anywhere else on your skin and it turns pink, the product is working properly.

INGREDIENTS:   Purified Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Methyl Nicotinate.


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  1. power treatment

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Sep 2016

    This product really excites my scalp--a very healthy heating that clearly brings blood and other nutrients to any spot on my scalp where I use it.

  2. Product works, but not enough of it.

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Nov 2015

    I have used these products for years with good results. However, the reduction in size of the extra strength scalp activator is quite upsetting. I understand the purpose for the applicator, but at the same time, the applicator only fills half up, and your company has stated it is important to do your whole head. There is no way. I hope you consider increasing the amount of product per bottle. At this rate, I will be going through a bottle a week and simple will not be able to afford this.

    From W. T. Loesch, VP - This product is not intended to be used with a separate applicator. One squeeze of the bulb is one dose. Put little dots around the scalp but do not saturate the scalp with product. There is plenty of active ingredient to achieve the desired effect without overuse.


    Posted by Unknown on 31st Aug 2015

    Good product, but you reduced the amount to 2oz and continue to charge the same price as the 4oz.

    From the Developer: The product size was reduce by 50% and the active ingredient was doubled, so you get exactly the same active ingredient in the new 2 oz. as you did in the old 4 oz.

  4. New Growth After Adding Activator

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Jan 2014

    I had peaked in results with using Minoxidil only. When Loesch offered the X Strength Scalp Activator, I read the glowing reviews. I thought it was worth a try. After a few months of using this, followed by the Minoxidil (as directed), I saw new hair in the temple areas, and thickened growth on top. I will continue to use this product! Very pleased!

  5. Use with scalp Conditioner and Shampoo

    Posted by Pat on 1st Apr 2013

    Without scalp activator the other products scalp cleanser and shampoo are less effective.
    I did not grow back the hair that I lost however I GREW HAIR!

  6. Best Ever

    Posted by Pat on 11th Feb 2013

    Without Extra Strength scalp conditioner the other Loesch products that I use would not be effective. I had stopped using the Loesch system just because I got lazy and did not reorder in a timely manner. When I did reorder I had lost the hair I had grown back. However, I failed to use the scalp conditioner and I had NO results. I became using the scalp conditioner and my co-workers and family members noticed a difference in 6 weeks and has only become better since.

  7. Best value

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Oct 2012

    This product was a great buy. My dermatologist has another product with the same active ingredients sold at his office for 3 times the price. The coupon code made this product 66% off my doctor's office price.- Thank you.

  8. Extra-Strength Scalp Activator

    Posted by Patricio C Larrragoite on 22nd Aug 2012

    I decided to return to the "Old" formula vs the new so far I have only used the system a week it involves one extra step versus the new. I will not have a comparison review for at least another week of consistent use. I have been a Loesch User for 20 years

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