Discount Policy

 Updated 1/3/23

Free Restore & Thicken Shampoo

This offer is exclusively for New Customer Sign Ups. All others like current customers and/or already registered customers are excluded.  Only 1 item per customer is allowed.

Senior Discount Options

Forward us a copy of your driver's license or other photo ID showing that you are over 65 or Send us a message using the form below.  Include the phrase "Requesting Senior Discount" along with your FULL NAME and CURRENT CITY in your message or write your own message.  Once we have verified your age and eligibility for the senior discount you will get 10% off. We will note it on your files and you will always get 10% off on future orders.

Note: Available for seniors only. It will not apply when other special offers, sales, holiday specials are running.


Disclaimer: If any client found to be abusing or found attempting to abuse any of our discount policies, coupon codes, offers, shipping restrictions, and/or any other generally accepted business practice. Loesch Laboratory Consultant Inc., reserves the right to refuse services, cancel pending orders, bar from placing future orders and/or be part of any further promotions, in its sole discretion, at any time.
Any client found to be engaged in such abuse has summarily forfeited the right to any refunds whether from our money back guarantee or from some other discount or reimbursement program.