Discount Policy


 Updated 4/5/18


Returning Customers Get 15% off instantly

After your first online order you can use the coupon code: RETURNING to get 15% discount for all future orders. This coupon code may not be combined with any other coupon code, sale, and special offer or holiday sale.

Note: If a coupon code is not applied when placing an order you will not receive discount. However you may use the coupon code on future orders.


Special Offers & Holiday Specials

We honor many national, secular and religious holidays. Therefore we occasionally run special offers or holiday specials that give you more than 10, 15, 25 % off and during those times all the other coupon codes or discounts will be disabled temporarily until the special offer or holiday special ends. If you have created an account on this site, you should receive an email notice when a special begins.  If you don't receive those emails, you can call our office at 800.231.7157 to ask when the next special is coming up or send us an email at


Senior Discount Options

Forward us a copy of your driver's license or other photo ID showing that you are over 65 or Send us a message using the form below.  Include the phrase "Requesting Senior Discount" along with your FULL NAME and CURRENT CITY in your message or write your own message.  Once we have verified your age and eligibility for the senior discount you will get 10% off. We will note it on your files and you will always get 10% off on future orders.

If you are a returning customer and you are senior, you will get 15% discount when applying the coupon code plus an additional 10% discount when you are a verified as a senior. Note that our online system only allows 1 coupon code per order, the 10% senior discount percentage will be refunded to you when the order has been processed.


Example: You are ordering online and you are a returning customer who is a verified senior and you want to use both discounts you can apply the RETURNING Coupon code and complete your purchase online, when your order has been processed you will be refunded for the senior 10% discount.

Note: Available for seniors only. It will not apply when other special offers, sales, holiday specials are running.