About Us

 Over 65 Years Of History

Loesch Laboratory Consultants also known today as Loesch Labs was created by William (Bill) Loesch, Sr. back in 1951.

William (Bill) Loesch, Sr., an expert in hair and scalp cleansing therapies, obtained his license to practice Trichology in Texas and several other states. Having so many years of experience and knowledge of working closely with Mueller Hair Experts on hair removal, hair growth, scalp cleansing, developing treatments and also performing clinical trials and studies, Bill Loesch decided to focus exclusively on the hair growth & scalp cleansing side of business with products that have proven to be safe and effective.

Over the years, Loesch labs has developed three successful hair growth systems to fit the need of different groups of people. Our products have helped many customers to regrow & maintain their hair without unnecessary surgeries or devices.

It is our mission to always provide high quality, safe and effective products to our customers.



Flashback To 1954
It's always fascinating to find a little piece of your
own history floating out there. A customer saw this
kit at an estate sale and sent it back to us after
around 63 years. This kit was the form the
Loesch Hair Growth System took between 1951
and 1954. Before the days of plastics, glass and
metal were the only options available. If you look
closely at the label on the top, you'll see the original
company name Hair Experts inside the Loesch logo.
This was at a time when the Loesch Hair Growth System
was being spun off of the Hair Experts Hair Removal
System as two separate companies.