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Loesch® Hair Growth Systems
Loesch Labs has been around for 67+ years, with products developed by a Ph. D. in biomedical sciences from the University of Texas, reviewed by the Food & Drug Administration, with clinical trials dating back to the 1960’s and 1970’s, and with a 3rd generation of the Loesch family serving as Vice-President of Quality Control.

Since 1951 Loesch Laboratory Consultants has conducted clinical trials and extensive research into the problem of hair loss in many forms.  10 years before the United Stated Food & Drug Administration was conceived, the Loesch Hair Growth System had identified the root causes of hair loss and tested many ways to resolve those issues, both with and without the application of drugs or hormones.  By carefully balancing its formulas to gently but effectively treat the individual causes of hair loss, the company has been able to create systems that successfully treat hair loss without including unnecessary products that might over-treat our clients.  We personally consult with our clients to ensure that they receive a treatment program suitable for treating their condition.

Loesch Laboratory Consultants continues to conduct research into how well our products are helping our customers regain and keep their hair while also investigating new treatment methods that could lead to a future cure for hair loss.