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Loesch Naturals Hair Growth System (Level 2 & 3) Step 3 Or Use Alone To Accelerate Hair Growth

New Botanical Scalp Activator has the same active ingredient as our other Scalp Activator products, but uses only Cert. Org. ethanol made from GMO-free corn and premium quality extracts instead of synthetic solvents.  Using the bottle dropper, apply 1 ml. sparingly to the scalp concentrating on the thinning areas, but it is important to treat the entire scalp, not just the thinning areas.  Wait 5 minutes and you will notice a strong tingling sensation and possibly some pinkness in the treatment areas.  This is a sign that the product is doing its job...bringing more blood to the follicles so they can be healthy and well-nourished.

What is the difference between this product and pepper extracts like arnica and capsicum oleoresin found in other products?
As we age, the volume of blood flowing through the scalp gets smaller and smaller.  Applying an irritant like arnica or pepper extracts like capsicum oleoresin will cause more blood to flow into the scalp but not through the scalp.  This difference is important.  Inflammation by itself does not make skin healthier, it damages the cells by starving them of oxygen and nutrients.  The blood flows in because the immune system detects the irritant and tries to rush in to attack the invader.  The problem is that the blood only flows out again when the irritation has subsided.

All of our Scalp Activator formulas use an active ingredient that tells the capillaries to open without using irritation to do it.  As the capillaries open, blood flows in causing pinkness of the skin, but it immediately flows out again so no swelling (adema) occurs.  The flowing in and out of more blood increases the oxygen level which appears as red, well-oxygenated blood instead of a bluish-red normally seen in swelling due to irritation.  As this process happens, follicles get a kick-start and grow hair up to 25% faster than normal.  With twice-daily use the long-term effect is an amplification of the Hair Growth System's success and better results for you.

Ingredients:  (Extract of Saw Palmetto, Burdock, Rosemary Leaf, Ginko Biloba, Ginseng Root, Horsetail, and Stinging Nettle), Cert. Org. Ethanol (from GMO-free corn and Cert. Org. Lavender Essential Oil), Phenoxyethanol, Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate Hydrochloride, Glycerin, Methyl Nicotinate.093014A