Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with our products or find that they are just not for you, you have the right to exercise our money back guarantee under the following conditions.

We will refund the purchase price (not the shipping) of your first treatment kit (1 month supply) at your request.  We may ask why but your answer will have no effect on whether or not we will refund your money.  We will.

Once a client has exercised our money back guarantee, they may continue to purchase other products from us, but not those products included in the refunded kit.  Exceptions may be made by our management at any time for any reason.

Any client found to be abusing or found to be attempting to abuse any of our discount policies, coupon codes, shipping restrictions, or any other generally accepted business practice may be barred from placing future orders or taking advantage of any further promotions.  Any client found to be engaged in such abuse has summarily forfeited the right to any refunds whether from our money back guarantee or from some other discount or reimbursement program.