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How does the Loesch Hair Growth System compare to Bosley's medical hair replacement surgery?

Hair Growth System
American Owned:  Loesch Laboratory Consultants, Inc.

What To Expect With Daily Use:

Please keep in mind that this is not a magic pill.  Treatment will take time and you will see no regrowth overnight so don't expect it.  We offer a treatment program that works only when CONSISTENTLY used at the proper FREQUENCY.  Without these two components, it will not work.  Nothing works if you don't use it.

Week 1:  Dramatic improvement in scalp cleanliness.  No increase in hairfall.
Week 2-3:  Significant reduction in hairfall and elimination of dandruff and other positive side effects.
Week 4-5:  Even the worst impacted (plugged) follicles and scalp acne are cleaned up and healed.
Week 6-8:  Fuzzy hairs begin to appear in the follicles that are waking up.
Month 2-6:  Real hairs begin to replace the fuzzy ones and repopulate the scalp.
Month 6-12:  A new layer of hair fills in and grows out to length.
Month 12-24:  Hair growth density levels off.  Decide to move to a higher level kit to get more hair growth or reduce to maintenance level (every other day) if you are happy with the results.
Year 2-15:  Since everyone progresses with age, you may need to increase your treatment level but you will never see scars from this program.

Maintenance:  Use the entire kit every other day or every third day but if you are using Scalp Activator and/or Minoxidil, continue those twice per day.  DO NOT MISS DOSES.

Major Brand Of Hair Transplants

Surgical Hair Transplantation
Japanese Owned:  Aderans Research Institute

What To Expect With Surgery:

Bosley promotes this as "The worlds first and only permanent solution to hair loss."  Not only is this particular statement false, but the rest of their promotional material is filled with inaccuracies, manipulated images, and unsound medical practices.  For more information on Bosley's medical violations, click here.

Week 1:  About 25% of the transplanted follicles do not "take" and all of the transplanted follicles drop their hairs which may or may not come back in later.  Incisions weep fluid and bleed for a long time.  Risk of infection is high.  Risk of stretch marks is high (from where the scalp was removed).
Week 4: Transplanted follicles begin to regrow.  Removal site incisions begin to scar.  Lifetime use of Minoxidil begins.
Month 2-6:  Hair grows out to length.
Year 2-10:  Hair loss progresses with age.
Year 10-15:  Procedure must be repeated to maintain appearance but may repeated ONLY ONCE in your lifetime.  After the second procedure begins to fall out, scars may become visible across the back of the head where the scalp was removed.  The more time passes after the second procedure, the more hair is lost.


Long-Term Statistics

From the founding of the company in 1951, W. T. Loesch, Sr. decided that we would not refer to any arbitrary studies done by some obscure university on one or more of the ingredients in our products.  Instead, he decided that we would collect information from our clients while monitoring their usage patterns and encouraging them to do better when they fell short of "recommended use."  As the current Vice-President I have decided that we will continue this more realistic form of reporting avoiding the use of any data we did not collect ourselves.

Since 1951 we have been collecting Confidential Progress Reports and though only a small fraction of our customers respond to the questionnaire, the large number of clients we have and the average length of their treatment gives us very reliable statistics that show that our product works.  For example, the success rate of Minoxidil by itself is only 75-80% but with proper treatment, we can push that success rate over 90% even without hormones.

Early on, we notice that a large number of surveyed clients were writing in things like "Why don't you sell this as a dandruff shampoo?  It cured my dandruff too!" and "My doctor says my Seborrheic Dermatitis is cured thanks to your product!"  As we saw these patterns emerge it became obvious that proper treatment of the factors that contribute to hair loss lead to a reduction in many of the bothersome symptoms that often go along with hair loss.  As we began tracking those side-effects we noticed that some of them had success rates so high as to be irrefutable.  Since we also monitor our clients' purchasing patterns and can tell which clients are using the products as directed and which are not, we have been able to establish that our statistics represent actual probabilities that you will most likely experience during treatment.  While this treatment method does not work on everyone, if you use it properly you are highly likely to get the results described by the statistics to the left.


Statistics: Loesch Hair Growth Systems

Statistics were collected from actual clients from 1951 through 2011 based on
proper daily use of the Loesch Hair Growth Systems Level 3 kits. Data was
collected by questionnaire and compared to that user's purchaseing patterns,
then adjusted for compliance as a factor of recommended use. Shown above
are the main goals of the treatment program plus the top 5 documented side
effects. Individual results may vary, so use your treatment kit exactly as
directed or call 800.231.7157 for a consultations. You can also use the
Online Consultant to ensure that you choose the right products for your
particular condition.

Other Positive Side Effects

Recovery Of Natural Hair Color - With proper treatment,
follicles become healthier over time...that much we
expected.  What we didn't expect was clients complaining
that treatment made their roots "dirty" or perhaps
"stained."  When we investigated further we found
that the products were not staining the hair or allowing
other things to stain the hair.  As follicles got healthier
they resumed some of the functions they had dropped
with age...such as producing pigment as the hair grew. 
You won't look like you were 20 again but isn't it nice to
see something that proves the products are working?

Reduction Of Disease-Related Symptoms - When these
products were first designed, the idea was to put the scalp
back into a healthy condition by properly treating as many
problems as possible without creating a kit that took hours
to use properly.  As it turns out, medical conditions like
Psoriasis of the scalp are significantly aggravated by many
of the same issues that lead to hair loss and by successfully
resolving those issues, customers' disease conditions also
improved.  With conditions that manifest as severe flaking
and maddening itching, you can see how any improvement
would be a welcome one.

Clearing Of Impacted Follicles - We frequently get calls,
especially from women, who are experiencing the most
extreme form of hair loss...impacted follicles.  When you
wash your hair once a month and use products called
"hair grease" to try to keep hair from breaking, you can
eventually end up with solid wax-like plugs in the follicles. 
People often get this bad by making the false assumption
that just because hair comes out during washing that washing
makes hair fall out.  Sorry, but that's wrong.  Hairs that come
out during washing have already been released by the follicle
hours or days before and have stayed in place by simple
friction or adhesion as in the case of hair sprays or styling
products.  These people keep reducing their washing frequency
because each time the period between washings gets longer,
more hair appears to come out during washing.  Eventually,
the poor hygene leads to severe hair loss and bald spots. 
With proper treatment, these waxy plugs will begin to ooze
out of the follicles.  DON'T SCRUB THEM OR PULL THEM OUT!!! 
Leave them alone and let the process happen naturally. 
There is a chance that the plug may come out and leave the
hair behind.  Most people in this condition are cured within
2-3 weeks.

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