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3-Step Kit

These products are made of all premium quality ingredients excellent for people with dry scalp and hair, they neutralize and remove sebum and the fatty-acids that build up during daily activity. Keeping hair follicles open. Infuses the hair and scalp with natural oils very much like sebum but without any of the toxic by-products of sebum oxidation.

How Sebum Contributes To Hair Loss

Sebum, the oil secreted by the scalp, is a major contributor to hair loss. Sebum is a toxic mixture of keratin, hydrocarbons, waxes, and fatty acids which irritate the scalp and have been used for years in hair removers.
The sebaceous glands discharge sebum into each follicle where it should flow out onto the scalp. After puberty, this sebum contains less oil and more fatty acids as we age. Since thicker sebum can’t flow out of the follicle as easily, it builds up over time.
As follicles become clogged, the hair is separated from the cuticle and hair root becomes weaker.  To the right is a before and after illustration of what’s happening.

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*Hormone-Free:  Our Level 1 and Level 2 Kits are completely hormone-free and result in natural regrowth by restoring the scalp, follicles, and sebaceous glands to a healthy state.  Most of our clients experience sufficient regrowth at Level 1 and Level 2 but some clients may require Level 3 containing the hormone Minoxidil which is FDA-approved to grow hair.  Hair growth claims refer to Level 3 kits which contain Minoxidil, but natural regrowth is the result of good scalp restoration and hygiene.

Amplify Your Results Without Hormones

If you're over 30 and noticing a gradual thinning of your hair, you're probably seeing the beginnings of age-related hair loss due to reduced blood flow through the scalp. It happens.  We can't be young forever. As we age, the typical person loses up to 4% of the blood flow through the scalp. This causes the hair growth cycle to become shorter over time leading to thinning.

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