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Loesch Professionals Systems


The Loesch® Professional Hair Growth System comes in 3 strengths.

Level 1 (Hormone-Free):  Recommended for men and women who have started thinning but are not yet able to see through the hair down to the scalp.  Also recommended to prevent hair loss in those with a family history of hair loss.  Takes about 5 minutes to treat each day.

Level 2 (Hormone-Free):  Recommended for men and women who are over 45 or who have thinned enough to see through the hair down to the scalp.  Includes a product to reverse age-related hair loss in mild to moderate cases.

Level 3 (Contains Hormones):  Recommended for 3 particular groups.  (1) Young men and women under 26 who are rapidly thinning.  It won't stop early-onset hair loss but it will delay it for a few years at least.  (2) Middle-aged men and women who have been thinning for a while but have waited so long that most of their hair has fallen out or bald patches have begun to appear.  (3) Post-menopausal women and men over 50 who are losing hormones or who are taking hormone replacement therapy and finding that their hormone treatments are causing increased hair loss.

Not sure which products to order? Try our automated Online Consultant or call one of our consultants at 800.231.7157.  They can work with you to choose the lowest level of treatment that will work for you. 





A Note From Our VP
While natural regrowth of hair is a result of improved hygiene and limiting the toxicity of sebum as it oxidizes in contact with the hair follicle, "Hair Growth" claims are under the FDA's jurisdiction and refer to those treatment kits containing Minoxidil.  Minoxidil is a hormone that induces hair growth but it is not for everyone.  If you want to begin using Minoxidil but are unsure of its side-effects, please call 800.231.7157 for a free consultation.  We care about your hair growth, but we care more about your overall health.
-W. T. Loesch III