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Tooth Whitening


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Basic Whitening – This type of whitening gel has its peroxide bound to carbamide to slow its action down and help the peroxide penetrate the tooth enamel. This enables the whitening action to continue after the treatment has ended to remove deep, set-in stains that plain peroxide can’t reach. You will see significant whitening action with each use but that whitening action will be gentle and safe even for sensitive users. Your kit comes with complete instructions but you can also contact us to ask specific questions about your particular case using the form below.

Hi-Intensity Whitening – This type of whitening gel combines the speed and power of pure hydrogen peroxide with the deep-penetrating whitening of carbamide peroxide to give you the best of both. You’ll see strong whitening action with each use and the whitening action will continue even after your treatment session has ended. As the carbamide peroxide penetrates the tooth enamel, deep set-in stains will become noticeably brighter until they vanish. A typical treatment lasts from 1-2 weeks and should be repeated every few months to maintain a brilliant white smile.