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The New Age

In the 1950's and 1960's, we published ads in various newspapers throughout the country. Magazines had not expanded that far...there was the Farmer's Almanac, Cary Grant was being featured in Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Esquire were just getting big. Back then, ad space was cheap.

Times have changed. Printed ads are becoming less and less affordable as the Internet becomes cheaper and better-organized. Still, the Internet will only become a viable advertising tool after many decades of development and when everyone...absolutely everyone has free access to it. Until then the Internet is nothing more than a storage and delivery medium.

We have always tried to avoid the fast-talking used car salesman type of radio ads and infomercials simply because they have been abused so much by companies selling bogus products. They are interested in the one-time sales because their products really are "too good to be true." Their business model is called the "flash in the pan model." Well, that's not us.

If you want a magic pill, please look somewhere else. We don't have one. If you want a product that works and gives long-lasting results, we can help you. In keeping with my grandfather's philosophy of selling only products that really work, we have recently embarked on a new marketing strategy.

In the 1950's there were barber shops and there were beauty salons. The two never crossed paths. Men went to barber shops and women went to beauty salons. Barber shops didn't carry products but beauty salons carried all kinds of foofy products...many of them pointless. In the past decade, men have discovered that it's ok to care about their looks, but they're not about to completely cross over into the realm of the beauty salon. Their demand for a new kind of salon has given rise to the METRO SALON...a new kind of salon that is not feminine, not masculine, it's unisex and caters to anyone who can afford to go. The products and services these metro salons offer are aimed at the more practical, intelligent consumer who is looking for results, not foofy perfumy donothing stuff.

As this new market has arisen, we've also noticed a change in our own market. We used to cater to caucasion men almost exclusively but over the years, women have begun to demand that we help them with their hair loss problems too. Other races have become less race-centric and decided that a treatment that works on one group will also work on the other. Honestly, I never thought I would see this type of social awareness become so prevalent in my lifetime.

We have also implemented a Wholesale Commission Policy which allows our network of professional to benefit from bringing more professionals to our network.


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