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The Loesch® Commission Program

Established 1951

Loesch Laboratory Consultants, Inc. began its referral program at the very beginning so that companies could receive monthly commissions by sending their clients to us. We also accept referrals from our own clients and they get a one-time $25 merchandise credit for the referral. Read on to learn how this program can benefit you.


 The Loesch® Professional Hair Growth System is a 3-step system guaranteed to effectively reduce hair loss and grow new hair or your money back! Loesch Laboratory Consultants, Inc. (Est. 1951) provides products and expertise to thousands of satisfied clients worldwide using proven scientific information taken from real case histories from men and women of all ages. Our target market is men from 25 to 45 years old; however, our products are effective for people of all ages.

We offer an exciting and profitable commission to publishers who print articles or ads about our products in their own newsletters and infomercials. Simply by mentioning our substantial discount for new clients, you will receive a monthly payment for the every order from clients that mention your publication when placing their first order.

Here's How It Works...

In your publication, simply describe a special introductory price of $34.94 (reg. $45.00) for a one-month supply of the Loesch® Professional Hair Growth System and illustrate in your own words, paraphrased, or copied verbatim how our products work to reduce hair loss and grow new hair and you will receive $10.00 for each new client's first order. Just make sure to include that your reader should mention your publication and for every order that client places with Loesch Laboratory Consultants, Inc. you will receive 10% of the purchase price of the products they buy forever. Payments are sent out each month and reports on who has ordered and what they spent are available by request. It's an excellent way to increase your revenues without having to track down new advertising. Simply fill in any empty spaces in your publication with our offer and make money. The more new clients that mention your publication, the more money you will make.

You don't have to do any follow-up! Simply run your article as often as you want to increase your bottom line. We have an effective follow-up program that keeps clients excited about the products and ordering monthly so your commission is maintained. We also have trained, experienced consultants available to answer questions and make recommendations to maximize a client's rewards from participating in their treatment program.

Hair Growth Is Just The Start!

Loesch Laboratory Consultants, Inc. has a variety of products for hair loss reduction, hair growth, acne prevention and treatment, sunscreens, dietary supplements, male performance enhancement, and general wellness. When you get a client turned on to our hair growth treatment, they will have access to all of our products and advice. The more they order, the more you make! We have our own in-house R&D laboratory which is always working to design new products to improve the lives and health of our clients and their families.

Need Articles To Print?

We will author articles of any length from any point of view for free. All you have to do is copy and paste. Who better to write about the products than the people who designed them? You can have expertly-written material which we guarantee to be flawless, accurate, and scientifically irreproachable. We have a resident Ph. D. in biomedical sciences and biochemistry who advises our authors and developers to make certain our conclusions are always based on real-world science and technology. We also publish our own newsletter which is mailed to all of our clients. If you decide to begin printing articles about our products, we will gladly mention your publication in our own newsletter so our clients who have never heard of your publication can find you. Just send us your contact information, website, email, and a copy of your first article about our products and you'll be added to our next quarterly newsletter.

What You Can Expect

If your publication brings 300 new clients in the first month to our company and each of them only buys the basic Loesch® Professional Hair Growth System, here's what you can expect to make. Remember that the more often you run articles about our treatment programs, the more clients you will earn commission from.

Month One: We sell $7,485 (300 x $24.95) worth of product and you get a check for $3,000 (300 x $10.00).

Each Month After That: We sell $13,500 (300 x $45.00) worth of product and you get a check for $1,350 ((300 x $45.00) x 10%).

Your First Year's Commissions: $17,850

The kits that are eligible for the $24.95 special introductory price plus $5 shipping are the Loesch® Original Hair Growth System (Full Treatment Kit) and the Loesch® Professional Hair Growth System (Full Treatment Kit) .


To begin earning immediate and ongoing revenues from this simple and effective program, simply call our office to open a free account. Then run articles as often as you like in your own publication offering our special price to your readers. You will begin receiving monthly checks that will continue as long as any of the customers referred by your publication continue to order. Our consultants will give you all the guidance you need to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, so call today.

Loesch Laboratory Consultants, Inc.
4311 South Drive
Houston, Texas 77053-4820

Toll Free: 800.231.7157
Fax: 281.835.8114


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