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Introducing A Hair Growth System That Actually Grows Profits

Hair industry professionals can now earn commissions with no obligations, no contracts, and no cost to you!

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1-logo-man-looking-up.jpg  What To Expect

You will make money starting with the very first client that enrolls in the Loesch® Professional Hair Growth System. There are no “program minimums” or “performance requirements” at all! We will provide you with the printed materials you need, any training your personnel would like, and special wholesale pricing on products to sell in your store if you wish. There are no catches and you don’t need to carry any inventory.

If your salon refers 300 clients in the same month (most take a few months to refer this many), you can expect to make the profits shown below.

Get Started Today
To begin earning immediate and ongoing revenues from this convenient and effective hair growth referral program, simply call our office to open a free referral account. Then tell your clients to be sure to mention your salon when ordering the Loesch® Professional Hair Growth System so they will get the introductory price...a savings of over 55%. We offer free posters and brochures for your salon to help get clients excited about keeping their hair.

You will begin receiving monthly checks that will continue as long as any of the customers you referred continue to order. Our consultants will give you as much or as little guidance as you need to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, so call today.


An Example Of Potential Revenues

Month 1: We sell $10,482 (300 x $34.94) worth of products and you get a check for $3,000 (300 x $10.00).

Following Months: We sell $13,500 (300 x $45.00) worth of products and you get a check for $1,350 (300 x $45.00 x 10%).

First Year’s Commissions: $17,850 This is based on the typical volume of a mid-sized salon referring 300 customers just in the first month.

Printed materials are provided free of charge and you get special wholesale pricing for your salon.
This is an example of what you could make in one particular case. If the number of clients you refer to us is different, your monthly check will be a different amount.

Hair Growth Is Just The Beginning

We know your clients are going to love our hair growth products. So what does that mean for you? Your clients will have access to our complete line of amazingly effective products as well as expert consultants that can help them get the best results from their treatment program.

Since Loesch Laboratory Consultants, Inc. has its own R&D laboratory, we are constantly researching new ways to make our products better. Our website is an easy way for clients to order products and get real-time support from friendly consultants who can answer any question about hair loss issues and how to get the best results from their particular treatment program. Our consultants are able to view a client’s entire treatment history within seconds of their initial contact. Our customer service and personalized approach to treatment helps our clients and yours get outstanding results.


 Money Back Guarantee

The Loesch® Professional Hair Growth System is a 3-step treatment done once each day that is guaranteed to effectively reduce hair loss and grow new hair or your clients get a refund of their introductory kit. Since 1951, Loesch Laboratory Consultants, Inc. has been providing products and expertise to thousands of satisfied clients worldwide using proven scientific research on real case histories from men and women of all ages.

No matter what type of hair your client has, thick, thin, kinky, straight, oily, relaxed, whatever…this program will work because it treats the follicle at the base of the hair shaft. The Loesch® system gets to the root of hair loss and resolves nearly all of the issues that most commonly contribute to baldness, dandruff, forehead breakouts, and premature thinning.

1-man-with-8002317157.jpg  How The Products Work

Because there are many conditions which contribute to hair loss, we created a system that effectively treats most causes including sebum buildup, all types of dandruff, cradle cap, and poor hygiene. It even removes the greasiest styling products all the way down to the base of the follicle. The Loesch® system restores the scalp to a healthier condition so clients look younger, feel better about themselves, and save a fortune over alternative procedures.

The Loesch® system will work for men and women, young or old, in any stage of hair loss but the longer a sick follicle remains dormant the less likely it is to wake up again. Once baldness has occurred it’s irreversible.

What about guys who shave their heads? Will it work for them too? Yes! Just because hair isn’t allowed to grow long doesn’t mean it isn’t growing. Guys who shave their heads because of thinning can do the treatment and then let their hair grow out again!


Special Wholesale Pricing On Products

If you decide to recommend our treatment program to your clients, you’ll receive special wholesale pricing on all our products...with no minimums and no questions asked. You can sell our products in your salon or just use them in your back bar. Our products are highly concentrated so a regular 8 oz. bottle of most of our products gives you over 30 doses. That’s 4x stronger than most other products on the market.

Hair Loss Reduction
Hair Growth
Acne Prevention & Treatment
Sunscreens & Skin Rejuvenation
Dietary Supplements
Beauty & Wellness

*Hair growth claims apply to the entire Loesch Professional Hair Growth System including Scalp Activator and Minoxidil.

1-92a83514-MEDIUM-23336475.jpg  Consistency Is The Key To Success

The best part about the Loesch® Professional Hair Growth System followup. We do all the work for you. We track each client’s progress, keep them motivated with gentle reminders, and best of all, keep them coming to see you! Our letters include encouragement to see their hair care professional on a regular basis and by keeping them on the program, they’ll be telling everyone how you saved their hair.

Our Follow-Up Maximizes Your Profits Because you receive a commission on every sale but we do all the work keeping clients on their treatment program, you’ll make more money than you would selling products to clients during an appointment. You can even carry our products in your store with no minimums to buy and no performance requirements.

Free, Personalized Promotional Brochures

We have professional, glossy, cover-stock brochures that we will personalize with your company information, phone number, and promotional code. They're free for you to hand out to your clients and give them all the information they need to make an informed decision. Click the link to the right to see a proof of this brochure.


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