Frequently Asked Questions


Shipping By Ground
“I placed an order on Amazon with a PO Box as the shipping address and my order was canceled so I placed it again and it was canceled again. Why won’t you ship to my PO Box? What can I do to get your products?”

Haven’t Heard Of Us
“If you’ve been around so long, why haven’t I heard of Loesch before?”

Treatment Setbacks
“I’ve done something terrible! I used Loesch® products for years and had great results. I thought I was cured so I stopped using [my treatment program] and now my hair is gradually falling out again. Am I not cured? What can I do?”

Genetic (Androgenic) Hair Loss
“My son is going bald rapidly. He’s only 19 and he’s lost at least half of his hair already! I’ve taken him to the doctor who said that nothing could be done about it and it was genetic. Baldness does run in my family. I’m hoping you can give me a better answer.”

Laser Comb Devices
“I paid hundreds of dollars for an infrared helmet device and when my hair was thin it seemed to work very well. Now that my hair has filled in a little, a lot more hair is falling out each day and my progress has stopped. How could that be?”

The Minoxidil Commitment
“I started using Minoxidil a month ago and I’ve decided I just can’t do this for the rest of my life. Can I stop without causing more hair loss?”

Allergic Reactions
“I had a reaction to one of the Loesch® products which made me lose more hair instead of losing less. Your consultant said to stop that product for a couple weeks. Can I regain the hair I lost?”

No Miracle Products
“I have read about products like Polysorbate 80, vinegar, and essential oils regrowing hair but I haven’t had much luck. Why don’t these products work when stories online say they do?”

Receding Hair Line
“My hairline has receded around the temple area leaving a patch of hair on the top of my head. Can anything be done to reverse this?”

"Please tell me why I have the itchy pimples at my nape. What is the reason? They come and go. Moving around."

Competitor's Products
"I was reviewing another product named Kevis. They have topical solutions to eliminate DHT as the way to restore and grow hair. I am confused by all this and wonder how your products are different and what they do the same or different?"

Hair Growth Rate
"I have been wanting to grow my hair waist long for years and have been looking for products that will help do just that, grow my hair longer faster [but] I can't seem to get it to grow out... Can your products help my hair grow longer faster? Thanks for making products that help people feel more confident about their hair.  I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks."

Treatment Duration
"How often do I have to use the treatment and when can I stop?"

No Recurring Charges
"If I want to order one of the Loesch Hair Growth Systems will my order be automatically refilled in a month?"

MYTH:  Bosley says that their treatment is "the only permanent hair loss solution."

Switching Treatment Programs
"If I am using the Original System, can I switch to the Professional System?"

Ingredient Safety
"I found one of your ingredients on a website that says it's harsh. Why are you using it?"

Stopping Treatment
"If I use the Loesch® system and it works for me, can I stop using it and still keep my hair?"

Selecting The Right Kit
"Which treatment kit is right for me?"

Scalp Activators
"How will Loesch® Scalp Activator improve my results?"

Effectiveness For Women
"Will the Loesch® Hair Growth System work for women?"

Chemically Treated Hair
"If I color my hair, can I still use Loesch® products?"

Compare To Other Products
"How is Loesch® different from Avacor™, Nioxin, or other systems?"

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