Actual Client Testimonials

Bill C., Email Comment, May 2017
I have been using Loesch products since the mid-1970's when I first heard about them from a newspaper ad (how primitive that sounds today, right?)...I am extremely happy with how the Loesch products take care of my scalp and hair, especially the itching and oiliness.

Color me a happy customer for decades.

Thanks for reaching out to me.  You folks care about your customers, and it shows.
Heather G., Email Comment, February 2013
I was given your products by by husband's grandmother for birthdays and holiday's for many years. She has gone to a nursing home an the family doesnt receive the "gift" anymore. I would like to say that i color my hair, have used products to keep the curl and get rid of the frizziness, we use a salt water pool all summer, so i really can do damage to my hair and skin.
I received my order of shampoo, hair conditioner and hair spray yesterday. Immediately after work I put it to use. Reluctantly, I only used your products and dried my hair. I took one look in the mirror and was shocked! I didnt have frizz, the curls andlayers laid perfect and when i used the hair spray just to try it, i got more volume to it! Why I haven't purchased this has been a mistake. After one use I see and feel a total difference in my hair, how it feels and skin too. The grandmother has used these for decades, and so will my family.

Thank you!!
Clint L., West Palm Beach, FL - December 2012
"I have been using your products since 1965. I was 24-25 yrs old [when I started] that's why I have a head of hair and my 3 brothers are almost bald.....an oz of prevention is worth a lb of cure...save what hair you have and restore hair that is still trying to hang in there.  Happy New Year and thanks for everything!"
Frances K., Dayton, TX - February 2011
"I feel it is necessary to send you this testimony to the excellence of your products.

I’ve been a user of Loesch since the late 1960’s.  I can still [remember] the tiny ad in my local newspaper – The Easton Express in PA.  I’d been grappling with the change in my body chemistry since I’d become pregnant in 1960.  My system became very acidic.  I started to have a lot of itching and scaling on my scalp.  Hair was falling out.  I was going nuts.  Nothing I tried helped.  Nothing.  Then I saw this very tiny ad – Divine Intervention, I believe – and I sent for the treatment.  I can honestly tell you that within a few days I had relief from this problem that had plagued me for so long.  It was like a miracle.  

After many years of using the full treatment and feeling so much better, I didn’t think I needed the L-55A anymore, so I stopped that but continued to deacidize every day.  Much time passed with no problems.  Then I started to slack off skipping the daily routine and a couple of weeks ago I experienced a recurrence of what had made me so distraught in the 60’s.  Guess the problem never really goes away but has to be controlled pretty much like diabetes or other conditions that require daily vigilance and interventions.  Fortunately I had some L-55A on hand and started deacidizing and using this formula daily and once again am noticing improvement.

Thank you for formulating such a perfect thing to remedy these problems, which can really hamper a person’s life.  It makes all the difference.  I doubt I’ll ever become complacent again.

Many thanks from a grateful client."

Carolyn K., Hendersonville, TN - February 2011

"I wanted to let you all know that I've been using the Original Products (shampoo, etc) on my complexion for some time. At 54, I still have oily skin, and some mild acne problems, but once I realized that I could use the Original haircare products on my face, my skin cleared, and I often receive many compliments on how beautiful my skin is. Your products are the best products I've found to deeply clean my oily skin.  People are so surprised when I tell them my age, because of my complexion. I also tell them about Loesch when I can too. Just thought you'd all like to know. Thanks for having such a good product."


Edward G., Northfield, Ohio - April 2008
"I have been using your products since the early 70's and still have 90-95% of my original hair, from an appearance standpoint.

In April I will be 70 years old. People compliment me on my hair all the time and I always credit Loesch for my great looking hair."


Valdosta, GA - June 28, 2006
As my late, dear father was wont to say: "don't get your bowels in an uproar." I didn't realize that I was a "case-history," although it does seem to be a good way for you to track results. I'm only 86, so I've plenty of time to test the system.[...]

Since using your products my hair looks and feels good, the itching (in large part) is gone, as is the dandruff, and I'm not aware of any additional hair loss. I'm reserving further judgement until I can ascertain if there will be any re-growth in the thin areas. If the prospect even looks promising for the latter, I shall sprad the news far and wide. There are many bald, or balding males in my circle of acquaintances (as one has come to expect among such antiques) and even one woman, though her problem may be heredity or a severe vitamin B complex deficit.


Castro Valley, CA - November 2005
Years ago when I first used your product, I used it about 5 days a week. My hair was and still is very fine. After about a month and a half, I no longer could see my scalp. I praise your product.[...]

Now my son is starting to use it. He is only 20, but suffers the same thin and fine hair as I. Your product still keeps my hair healthy looking and managable.

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